Relatives’ pension savings may not be used for buying apartment

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Lump-sum pension payments cannot be used to purchase housing from the recipient's spouse or close relatives, correspondent refers to Lyazzat Ibragimova, head of Otbasy Housing Construction Savings Bank, saying it at the CCS briefing.

In her opinion, in the future this will help to avoid conflicts between relatives.

"I can add that in many other programs there are also bans on transactions between relatives,"Ibragimova concluded.

On January 6, the Unified Accumulative Pension Fund (UAPF) published the size of the sufficiency thresholds for this year for using part of the pension savings for housing, medical treatment or transfer to trust.

Those depositors who, after checking their pension savings in the UAPF, decided to use part of their pension savings for housing and / or medical treatment, need to open a special account with Otbasy Bank (HCSB) online.

It should be remembered that when a part of pension savings is withdrawn, it will be necessary to pay the IIT.

Aidana Demesinova
16:12, 22 January 2021

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