Reform of higher medical education planned in Kazakhstan

Photo of by Talgat Akhanov
Kazakhstan is preparing a reform of higher medical education, correspondent quotes director of the Science and Human Resources department of the Ministry of Health, Saule Sydykova as saying at the international conference at the Nazarbayev University School of Medicine.

"We are planning to move to a six-year training, which will be in the form of a continuous, integrated medical education. Two levels will be integrated - undergraduate and specialized magistracy programs, awarding a master’s degree and a certificate of internship completion. In addition, the residency training will be brought in line with the international standards. It will be fully focused on practice,"-  Sydykova said.

She noted that the experience of a strategic partnership in medical education in Kazakhstan has existed since 2012, but so far not a single joint educational program was created.

"In the new concept, we propose that education and science do not belong to separate directions. We propose to integrate it all for the development of human capital. The conception consists of three sections: improving personnel policy, fundamentals of the quality of training and continuous professional development of healthcare professionals, accelerated innovation development based on medical research, " said Sydykova.

Ekaterina Eliseeva
13:44, 23 May 2019


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