Radiological monitoring of environment carried out in all RK rgns

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The National Center for Expertise of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan monitors the state of the gamma background in the environment as part of the state order throughout the republic, reports with reference to the press service of the Health Ministry.

"In order to protect public health from radiation factors, the radiological laboratories of the National Center for Expertise daily monitor the dose rate of gamma radiation in the environment. So, according to the data on August 22, the background radiation in the environment remains stable, no excess of the natural gamma background, and no radioactive contamination in samples of atmospheric air and precipitation was recorded, the level of gamma radiation dose rate is in the range of 0.05-0.19 microsievert per hour (μSv / h). The admissible norm of ionizing radiation is - 0.30 µSv / h ", - the report says.

Monitoring of radioactive contamination of the surface layer of the atmosphere is carried out by taking air samples to determine the total beta activity, collecting precipitation and settling dust on the filters, as well as measuring the exposure rate of gamma radiation.

This monitoring is carried out in cities of republican status, 14 cities of regional status, 25 town and 157 regional branches of the National Center for Expertise.

Monitoring results of the gamma background of the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 08/22/2019

Name of NCE branches

Gamma radiation dose rate

Akmola region

0.10-0.19 μSv / h

Aktobe region

0.08-0.14 μSv / h

Alma-Ata region

0.13-0.14 μSv / h

Atyrau region

0.03-0.05 μSv / h

East Kazakhstan region

0.13-0.14 μSv / h

Jambyl region

0.12-0.14 μSv / h

West-Kazakhstan region

0.07-0.12 μSv / h

Karaganda region

0.11-0.13 μSv / h

Kostanay region

0.07-0.09 μSv / h

Kyzylorda region

0.08-0.17 μSv / h

Mangistau region

0.06-0.08 μSv / h

Pavlodar region

0.05-0.17 μSv / h

North-Kazakhstan region

0.10-0.10 μSv / h

Turkestan region

0.12-0.12 μSv / h


0.12-0.12 μSv / h

Almaty city

0.14-0.14 μSv / h

Nur Sultan

0.8-0.16 μSv / h

Aidana Demesinova
18:03, 23 August 2019


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