Quarantine to be tightened in Nur-Sultan soon

Additional quarantine restrictions will be introduced in Nur-Sultan due to a new mutation of the coronavirus, reports with reference to the press service of the capital's akimat.

It is noted that measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus were considered at a meeting of the city headquarters under the leadership of the akim of the capital Altay Kulginov.

"In the city, we record a sharp jump in the incidence. Preliminary analyzes of samples, which were taken from 54 patients, show that 56% of them showed the likelihood of an "Indian" strain. A new type of mutation is the most dangerous, since the risks of mortality are higher. 39% have the "British" strain. More than 80% of patients ("Indian", "British" strains) have clinical manifestations, including 20 patients were hospitalized, 20% have no symptoms, 1 patient is hospitalized. Six imported cases: Russia, Afghanistan, Turkestan, Akmola region - 2, East Kazakhstan region", - said the chief state sanitary doctor of the capital Sarhat Beisenova.

It is also reported that the akim of the capital Altay Kulginov met with heads of utilities, construction companies, directors of schools, kindergartens, colleges, shopping and entertainment centers, trading houses, markets, representatives of NGOs and other large enterprises.

"In order to ensure the safety of people and prevent the spread of coronavirus, I noted the need to vaccinate labor collectives. Only when collective immunity is formed, their activities will not be suspended. In case of a low number of vaccinated, work at these facilities will be stopped. Considering that the "Indian" strain is more infectious and spreads quickly, additional quarantine restrictions will be introduced in the city," the press service of the capital's akimat added.
Ekaterina Eliseyeva
13:06, 22 June 2021

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