Quarantine helped reduce coronavirus spread by 50% - Birtanov

Photo: Tauekelov
During an online briefing, the Health Minister of Kazakhstan, Yelzhan Birtanov, announced that quarantine had helped reduce the spread of coronavirus infection in Kazakhstan by about 50%, correspondent reports.

“Our task is to limit the growth and new cases. For it quarantine was declared throughout the country. Cancellation of large-scale family events, studies, closing restaurants and public places - these measures are aimed at reducing transmission of the infection. The quarantine helped us reduce the spread of infection by about 50%, "Birtanov said.

30% of all infections, he went on to say, are through family contacts, 30% - at work and about 30% through communicating with friends and relatives. Only 10% are public places, the minister concluded.

Today 302 coronavirus cases have been recorded in the country.

Zhanat Tukpiev
19:28, 30 March 2020


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