Quarantine announced in Kostanay region due to bird flu

The first cases of bird flu were registered in Kostanay region. The veterinary service conducts a yard detour in the villages. Three of them - Sarykol, Uzunkol and Mendykara districts - were quarantined, reports.

According to the head of the regional veterinary department Samat Kaliev, there are no deaths at large poultry farms. The hot spots were the village Mayak in the Sarykol district, the village Sokol in the Uzunkol district and Krasnaya Presnya in the Mendykara district. A total of 384 individuals died, all from private households. All poultry was incinerated.

On the territory of these three villages, quarantine has been introduced for 21 days (a ban on the export of poultry products). Then blood will be taken from the bird for analysis. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the quarantine will be extended.

"The region has received a vaccine against highly pathogenic avian influenza, 21 thousand doses. Vaccination has already begun," said Kaliev.

Recall, earlier in Kazakhstan an outbreak of bird flu was recorded. Quarantine was introduced in ten settlements of the North Kazakhstan region.

The publication reported that over 180 thousand laying hens died in the Bishkul poultry farm of the North Kazakhstan region alone over the past day.
Aidana Demesinova
12:16, 24 September 2020