Purpose of unified resident card explained in akimat

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Botagoz Kasabek, head of the digitalization and public services department of Nur-Sultan, explained at an online briefing at the akimat, what a Unified Resident Card is for, correspondent reports.

The Unified Resident Card will enable Nur-Sultan residents to receive all types of city services in one place.

"Various benefits are paid in the social sphere, in education, material assistance. With the Unified Card a citizen can go to his personal account in the application on his phone and see what he already receives and what other types of services and assistance he is entitled for," the speaker explained.

She also noted that subsidies are provided in the form of payment cards.

"Currently, residents of the capital can pay bus fare by card or by SMS. The payment will be automatically deducted from the card accounts and there will be no need to get the cards of the transport company or banks. The same principle will apply to schoolchildren,"Botagoz Kasabekova said.

The head of the department also said that each resident of Nur-Sultan, depending on their activity, will participate in the bonus system, which is still being worked out.

Earlier, the akimat of the capital announced that in the near future residents and guests of the city will be able to receive a single card to pay for all smart services.

"Unified Resident Card" will contain the personal information of this card holder (full name, current balance of the electronic wallet, unique identification number, etc.)

E-wallet replenishment will be possible through the Internet portal or payment terminals.

At the first stage, thanks to the "Unified Resident Card", users will be able to pay for travel on buses, make appointment at clinics, and students with the help of such a plastic card will pass through the turnstiles and pay for lunch in canteens.

Ekaterina Eliseeva
14:29, 22 January 2021

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