Public spaces expanding in Nur-Sultan

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The mayor of the capital Altai Kulginov shared in Instagram on the improvement of 160 courtyards and public spaces this year, refers to the official website of the city akimat.

"Taking into account the townspeople’s requests and demand for public spaces (squares, parks, boulevards), this year large-scale work is carried out to expand them.

For example, along B. Momyshuly Avenue to the embankment, a pedestrian boulevard will be arranged. On the territory of the undulating alley, table tennis and chess facilities are to be installed, shadow areas for recreation and swings. This walking attraction is meant to create an eco-route, combining Triathlon Park with a new lilac garden. We will plant over a thousand seedlings there and make a kind of lilac garden.

The Triathlon Park began to be landscaped on a large scale last year. Several sports zones were opened under the bridge (Saraishyk St.), football pitches were laid in the park. This under-bridge space is a kind of bridge between the Triathlon and the Presidential Parks, which we will also continue to develop this year.

In the park of the First President, shade canopies, swings, three fountains, including those with foggy evaporation, benches, etc. were installed. A basketball court and a play area are planned this year, also a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the river. This bridge will join two parks in a single cluster - the Park of the First President and the park along the Ishim River. Thus, the townspeople will be able to freely walk between the districts. We will arrange recreation areas along the bridge, and install swings inside the bridge itself.

On the Astana Opera territory there will an oak garden, in the Triathlon Park - a lilac garden, on the territory of the new Kazakh Drama theater - a green garden.

Trees are being planted everywhere, in all areas of the capital, including residential areas. We are very pleased that our citizens, volunteers and entrepreneurs are also taking part in tree planting. This year we plan to plant more than 1 million green spaces (trees, shrubs, seedlings, etc.). It is already possible to notice how the city is getting greener, as new eco-zones appear.

The capital development continues on the master plan "Nur-Sultan - a comfortable city". This year, in total, we will improve 160 courtyards and public spaces, "the mayor of the capital wrote.

15:30, 17 May 2021

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