President election in Kazakhstan: fine will be imposed for illegal polls in social media

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Kazakhstan has recorded violations of the requirements of electoral legislation on the Internet, reports.

Observance of legality during the extraordinary elections of the President of the country, including conditions for conducting public opinion polls provided for by the Constitutional Law On Elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan is under a special control of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

In particular, the fact of conducting a poll was noted without the obligatory notification of the Central Election Commission by the owner of a well-known Internet resource.

Along with this, such surveys were conducted in social networks. The violators were brought to administrative responsibility.

"On May 17, for a public opinion poll on elections in VKontakte, a resident of Almaty was fined 15 MPI (37,875 tenge). For a similar offense committed on Facebook, an Almaty region resident was brought to administrative responsibility.

Citizens are advised not to allow the use of personal accounts in social media by other persons for unlawful purposes.

12:10, 23 May 2019


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