Over 500 objects fined for violation of quarantine in Nur-Sultan

Photo of the press service of Nur-Sultan akimat
From January 1 to April 29, 522 individual and legal entities were brought to administrative responsibility in the capital for violation of restrictive and quarantine measures for a total of 110,152,995 tenge, reports with reference to the official website of the city akimat.

During this period, 52 materials were sent to the specialized inter-district administrative court of Nur-Sultan against 47 business entities, which, despite being repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for violation of restrictive and quarantine measures, continued to ignore the instructions. In total, the court suspended the activities of 36 facilities and imposed administrative fines in the amount of more than 6 million tenge.

It is worth noting that, despite repeated warnings and the adoption of appropriate measures, business entities continue to violate restrictive measures.

For catering establishments in Nur-Sultan, by the decree of the chief sanitary doctor, the operating mode is established until 22:00.

Over the past day, in the Saryarka district, this order was violated by the Istanbul cafe and two branches of the atmospheric bar Panaehali, which received visitors after midnight.

In the Almaty district, the “Lotomatic” was brought to responsibility for violation of the working regime.

The above-mentioned prescription in the Esil district was not observed by the bar "Slavik, not censored", the restaurant-karaoke "MILLIONAIRE", "Grammy". Hookah smoking services were also provided in the latter, which is also prohibited.

It should be noted that Nur-Sultan has been in the red zone for 1.5 months according to the assessment of the epidemiological situation. Up to 600 new cases of CVI are registered in the city every day. In order to prevent worsening of the situation, residents and guests of the city, as well as business entities, must strictly observe all sanitary norms, not ignore the recommendations of doctors and epidemiologists.

Today, the only effective way to combat a dangerous virus is to develop herd immunity, which is possible under the condition of mass vaccination of the population.

All conditions are created for this in the city: more than 100 vaccination centers have been opened in PHC facilities and large shopping and entertainment centers in the capital, which work from 08:00 to 22:00 in the evening. Vaccinations are free of charge.
18:39, 1 May 2021

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