Over 50 regional centers to be modernized as part of “Auyl - El Besigi” project in 2019

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At the initial stage of the project "Auyl - El Besigi", in 2019, 52 regional centers will be modernized, which will improve the quality of life of almost 700 thousand people, said Vice-Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yermek Alpysov at a press conference in the Central Communications Service, reports.

"Within the framework of the measures taken for the implementation of the project "Auyl - El Besigi" for the next three years, KZT 90 billion was allocated from the republican budget, including 30 billion tenge - in 2019. The distribution of funds from the republican budget by region was made taking into account the number of rural population living in rural areas with high development potential," said Alpysov.

According to him, this year 52 rural settlements with 700000 residents were chosen.

"About 450 activities will be implemented, 229 of which are in transport infrastructure, 153 in social infrastructure and 66 in housing and communal services. The focus is on large settlements - regional centers with the largest number of population. 122 out of 163 regional centers have the status of a rural settlement. Each of them has an economic and development potential,” the vice minister said.

In addition, Alpysov added that the amount of funding for one regional center is about 670 million tenge.

"From the local budget, 4.5 billion tenge or 15 percent of the total amount was sent. The largest shares of co-financing are provided in Atyrau, Karaganda, Aktobe and Almaty regions," he said.

In conclusion, the speaker said that extra-budgetary funds of large strategic enterprises, allocated within the framework of the social responsibility of business in the territories, will also be attracted for modernization of rural infrastructure.

Zhanat Tukpiev
18:32, 23 May 2019


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