Openness and prompt response - Abaev on demands to state bodies’ work
Maximum involvement, openness and prompt response - this is what the state bodies should be guided by in working with the public and with the media, correspondent quotes the Minister of Information and Social Development, Dauren Abaev, as saying at the Republican workshop on the theme of openness of state bodies and strengthening the dialogue between the power and society.

"At the last civil forum, the First President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, instructed to seek new formats for feedback from the public. But, as practice shows, the efficiency of developing new mechanisms is directly proportional to involvement in this work of as many qualified experts, representatives of civil society and the media as possible. Maximum involvement, openness and prompt response are the three postulates that we focus on, "said Abaev.

He noted that work in the regions in this direction had been established.

“The regions have acquired a solid positive experience. These are, above all, the projects “open akimat”, “aikomek ”,“ people's control ”and others. All of them became possible due to Internet penetration, digitalization of all the areas of life. Many people do not notice the changes that have already taken place. Virtually every oblast akimat has its own accounts in social media where people leave their requests, complaints and suggestions. Of course, the efficiency of feedback varies in regions, but there is general understanding of the importance of this work and that this practice reduces social tension", - said the Minister of Information and Social Development.

Aidana Demesinova
11:06, 24 June 2019


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