Nur-Sultan intends to subsidize shopping malls

In Nur Sultan, it is planned to subsidize large shopping centers in order to restrain agricultural prices, said the city mayor Altai Kulginov, reports.

“Now, together with the central government bodies - the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Trade and Integration - we are applying such a new product as subsidizing large shopping centers specifically for the agricultural products, where there is the greatest demand from our residents. That is, we will subsidize them; this is the repayable money so that their prices do not rise," A. Kulginov said during the opening of the agricultural fair of the North Kazakhstan and Akmola regions.

In addition, he said that the resources of the stabilization fund are used to curb prices of agricultural products.

It should be noted that in order to curb prices, the Department for Investment and Enterprise Development of the capital implements a number of measures. Thus, since 2017, through the mechanisms of the SEC “Astana”, prices have been fixed in the capital under the program of lending to distribution networks. This year prices for 35 items of goods have been fixed. Now in five stores of the "AQMOL" distribution network the prices are fixed for 10 food products (flour, milk, kefir, cottage cheese, butter, sunflower oil, chicken egg, and poultry).

Starting this year in the capital and in three other regions, it is planned to implement a pilot project to curb prices. To do this, there are budget funds in the amount of 1 billion tenge, 500 million tenge of which will be allocated for the purchase of four types of vegetables (potatoes, onions, cabbage, and carrots). According to the department, the stabilization fund has more than 8 thousand tons of products, such as flour, sugar, rice and buckwheat. Sale is carried out in the city's retail facilities at fixed prices.
16:03, 19 October 2019


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