No one in Health Ministry volunteered to participate in CVI vaccine trials - chief med officer

The vaccine against coronavirus infection developed in Kazakhstan is undergoing preclinical trials and the leadership of the Health Ministry did not volunteer to participate in them, correspondent refers to the chief state sanitary doctor, Aizhan Yesmagambetova, as saying.

"The domestic vaccine was developed by the Scientific Center for Biological Safety of the Ministry of Education. It is undergoing preclinical trials. According to our information, the first phase of preclinical trials has been completed. Any participation in clinical trials is voluntary. To my knowledge, the leadership of the Health Ministry does not participate in clinical trials of the vaccine developed in Kazakhstan," Yesmagambetova told the media.

She reminded that 166 candidate vaccines against coronavirus infection had been developed in the world today. Most of them are in the preclinical testing phase.

"There is a rule for trials - three phases, mandatory registration. The bulk of them are now in the preclinical testing phase. Of the 120 coronavirus vaccines, 17 are tested on humans. As for the Russian vaccine, it has passed 2 phases of clinical trials and is registered in the Russian Federation. As for Kazakhstan, we, like the rest of the world, are waiting for a safe and effective vaccine," the chief sanitary doctor continued.

The Health Ministry, she noted, is working on determining the population groups subject to vaccination against COVID-19.

These are risk groups for which the coronavirus infection is very dangerous, people over 60-65 years old with certain chronic diseases, health workers too, "Aizhan Yesmagambetova said.

Aidana Demesinova
12:46, 14 August 2020


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