Newborn baby lost his nose in Aktau

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In Aktau, a newborn baby lost his nose. Parents of the baby blame the doctors and believe that the nurses did not watch the CPAP machine properly, and the baby received a severe burn, which led to nose loss. Doctors claim that it is due to infection in his body after breastfeeding by his mother, refers to reporting.

According to the baby’s mother Bakyt Beknazarova, on July 7, 2019, she was urgently admitted to the perinatal center and, through Caesarean section, gave birth to a boy. She has two minor daughters.

After the birth her son was placed in intensive care, three days later he was transferred to the ward, his condition was stable, and nothing portended trouble.

“In August, the son felt sick again, while in the hospital, his temperature rose. He was taken to intensive care again and connected to the CPAP machine. Two nurses were watching him. I believe that the nurses did not keep track of the machine, and as a result, my son got a severe burn. He lost his nose because of this. I wrote a complaint to the prosecutor. Next week the court hearing will be held. The boy underwent several operations, he cannot breathe independently, only through a tube "- said Bakyt Beknazarova.

The Department of the Committee for Quality Control and Safety of Goods and Services of the Health Ministry announced the examination results.

"The machine helps to breathe well, but there are also disadvantages. Nasal adapters put on the newborn can damage the newborn’s tender nose tissues. They damaged the baby’s soft tissue, a wound formed on the nose, and necrosis began. Mother’s statement was examined. All th employees who were on duty that night were interviewed. It was established that the doctor on duty and the nurses were unable to notice and diagnose necrosis on time. The head of the department, the doctor on duty and nurses were reprimanded, "the department said.

According to the doctors, the child lost his nose due to several factors, including through the fault of the mother herself.

"The baby was born at 5.5 months of pregnancy. The woman worked as a conductor on an inter-district bus. She didn’t get registered until the 24th week, this is two weeks before giving birth. No examinations, tests, ultrasound – nothing was done. The child was born with several pathologies; he has a congenital cleft of the hard and soft palate, problems with vision and breathing. Moreover, the intrauterine infection was transmitted to him from his mother," the head of the regional Perinatal Center" Jamal Zhamanbaeva said.

According to the doctors, the main cause of the baby’s nose loss was the ingestion of an intestinal infection in his body after breastfeeding by his mother.

“The mother came to the hospital to breastfeed her son. One day after the breastfeeding, the condition of the baby worsened sharply. It was found that the mother had bowel disorders after she ate a melon and washed it down with an energy drink. Perhaps she also touched the baby’s nose with dirty hands. Prematurity, plus all the existing pathologies in the child, as well as an intestinal infection, could cause this tragedy. Of course, the child was immediately connected to the CPAP machine. On the same day, the nose began to blacken, which led to its loss. We have been using this machine for over 20 years, and never had such incidents”. According to the conclusion of two maxillofacial specialists, the child was diagnosed noma - an infection that leads to a gangrenous lesion of the face tissues , said Jamal Zhamanbaeva.

The head of the perinatal center assured that the CPAP machine cannot lead to it. She also noted that the nose will be restored, but it will take several years.

"The child will have several operations, but for this he needs to grow up a little. He will have the first surgery to restore the palate in three months, then undergo surgery on his nose at six years old. The final operation will be for the child at 14 years old. All operations will be done on quota, "said Zhamal Zhamanbaeva.

09:12, 15 November 2019


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