New QazVac batch arrived in the capital

Photo from the source
10 000 doses of the domestic vaccine arrived at the warehouse of the public health department of Nur-Sultan, reports with reference to the press service of the mayor of the capital.

5 000 doses of the first component of Kazakhstan vaccine QazVac, 5 000 doses of the second are distributed between the city polyclinics and the malls, family health centers. Domestic vaccine can also be taken in Medicare Astana LLP, Medicare Pediatrics, Clinic of Family Physicians, and the UMC Corporate Fund.

In order to avoid a problematic situation with the receipt of the second component, the administration asked citizens to be vaccinated at one place, if possible, that is, to receive two components at the same vaccination place.

“There have been cases when a person came to be vaccinated with the first component at one place, and for the second dose at another. Whenever possible, we ask citizens to be vaccinated at one place, observing the interval between vaccinations,” the department added.

Currently, two types of vaccines are available in the capital: the Russian Sputnik and Kazakhstan’s QazVac.

19:23, 30 July 2021

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