New detachment of Kazakhstani peacekeepers went to Lebanon

Photo by the press service of RK Ministry of Defense
The fifth Kazakh peacekeeping contingent has completed participation in the UN Interim Force in Lebanon mission. They were replaced by the sixth composition of Kazakhstani peacekeepers, reports with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For six months, the Kazakhstani peacekeeping contingent carried out tasks of patrolling the area, serving at checkpoints, protecting the base, and also participated in the activities of the mission headquarters.

The peacekeepers under the command of Major Daniyar Zaripov coped with the assigned tasks with dignity.

"The servicemen were fully aware of the high responsibility entrusted to them, because they represented not only the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, but the whole country before the world community under the auspices of the UN. The morale and psychological state of the detachment is at a high level," the commander notes.

According to the peacekeepers, daily patrolling of settlements and adjacent territories shows that a calm situation remains in the zone of responsibility.

"Kazakhstani servicemen serve in the Indian peacekeeping battalion. The professionalism of our servicemen was noted by the command of the mission, as well as representatives of the Armed Forces of the Lebanese Republic, with whom they are conducting joint patrols," the Defense Ministry noted.
15:56,14 October 2021

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