New 16-ha park opened in Nur-Sultan

Photo courtesy of the source
A new multifunctional park on 16 hectares was opened in Nur-Sultan. This was announced by the akim of the capital Altay Kulginov, reports with reference to the official website of the capital's akimat.

"In the residential area Koktal-1 (Saryarka district) a park with an area of almost 16 hectares was opened. The new park is divided into three large areas.

The first is a quiet recreation area. An amphitheater was installed there - it will be possible to organize an open-air cinema, there is also a rotunda - newlyweds can hold weddings there. The quiet area provides comfortable conditions for walking and relaxation.

The second zone is for sports. The territory was equipped with a basketball court, a football field, a volleyball court, a tennis court, a workout court and an area for yoga.

The third zone is a children's recreation area. It includes playgrounds, including those for preschool children.

The peculiarity of the park is that the bike path runs along the entire perimeter of the public space, thereby looping all three zones of the park. They also equipped a special area for dogs. We plant trees in the park, and in the future it will also become a kind of eco-zone. We install video surveillance cameras.

All zones can also be used in winter: ice skating, skiing, etc. We are developing the capital within the framework of the concept of the master plan "Nur-Sultan - a comfortable city". One of the priorities is the creation of places for walking and sports. We choose places so that each district has its own points of attraction," - wrote Altay Kulginov on Instagram.
18:36, 18 October 2020