MP propones making program for individual housing construction development

The head of People's Party of Kazakhstan faction in Majilis, Deputy Aikyn Konurov, considers it necessary to create a program for individual housing construction development "Zher uy". He announced the corresponding parliamentary request at the plenary session in Majilis, correspondent reports.

The deputy emphasized that the interim results of the project on the use of the depositors’ pension savings to improve housing conditions showed a concrete positive result, however, it is mostly developers in two megacities, banks and importers that got economic benefits from it.

"But the systemic problem of low housing affordability for the population remained unresolved. The housing stratification in the society has only aggravated," Aikyn Konurov said.

In addition, the use of the UAPF funds for home buying, the deputy stated, stimulated negative side effects, such as speculative rise in prices for housing and building materials, which told on the general acceleration of inflation.

"Since the launch of the "pension campaign", apartment prices in Kazakhstan have grown by 8.3%. From May 2020 to May 2021, the growth made about 22%. As a result, inflation affected all the population, while investing pension savings in housing so far, involved less than 2% of the population," the MP said.

It is also obvious that the high demand potential use for the development of domestic industry has not been tapped, Aikyn Konurov said.

"According to the National Statistics Bureau, our production prevails only in the resources of building materials, which are natural raw materials. Therefore, foreign suppliers and intermediaries have mostly invested in pension savings. In 2019-2021, imports of materials for construction amounted to about $1.2 billion, metals and products from them, most of which are used in construction, almost $ 10 billion," he stated.

Therefore, Konurov suggested that while continuing the project on the pension savings use for improving housing conditions, it is fundamentally important at the second stage to involve additional systemic measures.

"And they should be designed for the whole society, and not for its individual groups. The total commissioning of square meters as a criterion for assessing efficiency is outdated and does not reflect the reality. This has led to an "investment bubble" and does not solve the housing problem of most of our citizens. The People's Party of Kazakhstan believes that the state should prioritize provision of high-quality and affordable housing for the majority of Kazakhstanis. Our citizens need the Zher uy program aimed at developing individual housing construction, the deputy proponed.

The People's Party of Kazakhstan faction offers to the Government an adequate instrument for providing land plots - issuance of government-guaranteed bonds and investment of UAPF funds in them.

Laura Tusupbekova
12:30, 23 June 2021

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