More than 100 villages can be liquidated in Kazakhstan
Due to lack of social facilities, more than 100 rural settlements in Kazakhstan can be liquidated in the near future, correspondent quotes Vice-Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan Yermek Alpysov, as saying at the press conference in the Central Communications Service.

"More than a hundred rural settlements may be eliminated, since social facilities - schools, hospitals are closed there and there is no definite perspective for the development of the village," said Alpysov.

According to him, the problem villages, which have no development prospects, are mostly in the northern regions of the country.

"Another problem is that some villagers do not want to move because they are used to living there. They have opportunities and conditions there. It is also connected with children. That is why there is a plan for resettlement and work with such villages in each oblast" - he assured.

“The majority want to move to the cities. There is no such possibility, therefore we define the supporting villages, in which there will be services necessary for human activity,” Alpysov concluded.

Zhanat Tukpiev
17:31, 23 May 2019


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