Medicines and medical products worth KZT 230 mln withdrawn from illegal turnover in Kazakhstan

Photo: Tauekelov
In Kazakhstan, more than 10 million packages of medicines and medical products worth 230 million tenge have been withdrawn from illegal circulation, reports with reference to

It is reported that, at the instruction of the Head of State, law enforcement agencies have carried out work to curb speculation and illegal drug trafficking during the COVID-2019 pandemic.

About 1 thousand facts of the sale of medicines at overpriced prices in pharmacies were revealed. For example, in one of the pharmacies of the West Kazakhstan region the price of the drug "Arbidol" was twice as high as its marginal cost. Instead of the approved 2,312 tenge, it was sold for 5,000 tenge.

More than 300 facts of illegal sale of drugs and medical devices outside pharmacies have been established, in the absence of a license and safety certificates. Thus, in the Zhambyl region, the sale of 82 names of drugs imported from Kyrgyzstan for 44 million tenge under fake safety certificates and without a license for pharmaceutical activities was suppressed.

In total, more than 10 million packages of medicines and medical products worth over 230 million tenge were withdrawn from the illegal turnover. On the revealed facts of violations of the law, 3 pre-trial proceedings are underway, 1,183 persons were brought to administrative responsibility.

In turn, the Health Ministry is considering the issue of supplementing the list of drugs for which the maximum price for retail sale is set.

In addition, comprehensive measures are ongoing to identify violations in the payment of premiums to medical workers.

The work carried out and the investigations of criminal cases are under the special control of the Security Council Office.
16:07, 20 October 2020