Mass vaccination against COVID-19 unfolding in Nur-Sultan

Mass vaccination of the population against COVID-19 is unfolding in Nur-Sultan, refers to the official website of the capital's akimat reporting.

Mass vaccination of residents of the capital, people from other regions of the country, as well as foreign nationals with a residence permit, working and living in the territory of the country, has been going on since April start in Nur-Sultan. About 47 000 people have been vaccinated since then.

For a wide coverage of the population with vaccinations, on the order of the mayor of the city Altai Kulginov, the number of vaccination points increased from 36 to 100, the opening hours are from 08:00 to 24:00 for the primary care organizations, from 10:00 to 22:00 for the shopping malls. Vaccination zones were installed in two large malls in the city - Mega Silk Way and Khan Shatyr.

Thus, over 1,700 people were vaccinated at the Mega Silk Way mall during a week's visit.

The second mall - Khan Shatyr - began large scale vaccination on April 19.

In the near future, such points will open in the Keruen mall and in the Abu Dhabi Plaza complex.

If necessary, vaccination points will also be opened in the city's hotels.

The Public Health Department established mobile teams that began mass vaccination of labor teams. The number of people wishing to receive a vaccine against COVID-19 in various enterprises reaches 1000.

In total, about 60 000 people have already been vaccinated in the city.

16:43, 19 April 2021