Kazakhstan’s first National Green Growth Report presented

The first National Green Growth Report was presented in Nur Sultan, correspondent reports.

“In Kazakhstan, by the President decree, the Concept for Transition to the Green Economy was approved in 2013. The concept has been under implementation for 6 years and fulfills the recommended indicators,” director of the Green Academy Bakhyt Yessekina said.

According to her, Kazakhstan has not previously carried out assessment of the country's progress towards a green economy.

It was noted that the study considers, for example, not just the fact of the consumption of water resources, but the efficiency of their use, not just the public’s access to water, but access to clean water, and so on.

Bakhyt Yesekina emphasized that the report compares the indicators of our country with the indicators of the OECD countries as a benchmark, as it is the club of the 30 most developed nations, which Kazakhstan plans to join.

According to her, the report will be presented in the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan at a special meeting of the Green Economy Council under the President of Kazakhstan, and then its presentation is planned at the international level. This should show the world community that Kazakhstan shares the principles of a green economy, evaluates its progress in this direction, and also integrates all these data into the system of planning and regulation of the economy.

Ekaterina Eliseeva
09:28, 15 November 2019


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