Kazakhstanis with COVID-19 will be fined for visiting public places

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Maral Rakhimzhanova, head of the Department of Sanitary and Hygienic Control and Supervision of Catering Facilities of the Committee for Sanitary and Epidemiological Control of the Ministry of Health, told the CCS briefing about liability for visiting public places as part of the Ashyq project, correspondent reports.

"At the pilot stage of the Ashyq project, in fact, no measures were taken. Currently, public outreach on it is underway. If a person has a positive PCR test result, then he is infected and can be dangerous to others. Each of the infected has to be in home quarantine, "Maral Rakhimzhanova said.

According to her, under the current legislation (Administrative Code), violators may face a fine.

"For violation under Article 425 (Violation of the requirements of legislation in sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population), the fine is 25 MCI, under Article 431 (Concealment of a source of infection and persons who were in contact with them), the fine is 5 MCI, "Rakhimzhanova specified.

As a reminder, Ashyq is an application for registering visitors in public places. Before entering a public institution, the user scans a special QR code and presents it to the administrator at the entrance. The code determines the status of the visitor.

"Red" status is assigned if a person has passed a PCR test for coronavirus and received a positive result. Holders of this status are ordered to observe a strict regime of home isolation.

"Yellow" is assigned to contact persons. They are allowed to go out for groceries or to the pharmacy near the house, but are prohibited from visiting other public places.

"Blue" will mean free movement everywhere, except in places where a PCR test is required (for example, at an airport).

"Green" is a sign of complete freedom of movement.

The QR code is assigned only to business entities.

Ekaterina Eliseeva
19:20, 19 April 2021