Kazakhstan plans to launch production of ventilators on the basis of Turkish and Chinese models

In Kazakhstan, they plan to establish production of mechanical ventilation devices based on Turkish and Chinese samples. This was announced by Vice Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Amaniyaz Yerzhanov at a briefing in the CCS, reports.

“We continue to work with the Health Ministry and the Finance Ministry on the production of mechanical ventilation apparatuses on a simplified mechanism for financing of their production. Given the projected need for stationary ventilation devices in 3 thousand units, our manufacturers will cover the need with the estimated production capacity of 550 units per month. The first 50 mechanical ventilation devices will be delivered this month," said Amaniyaz Yerzhanov.

According to him, in case of additional demand, reserve capacities are considered.

"Testing apparatuses have already been delivered from China and Turkey. If the tests are successfully completed, enterprises will immediately begin their production. Corresponding agreements with foreign partners on the transfer of technologies and components are available," Amaniyaz Yerzhanov added.
13:23, 11 July 2020

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