Kazakh woman returned from Egypt with COVID-19

Photo: Tauekelov
Another air passenger with a positive PCR was identified in Nur-Sultan, refers to the official website of the capital's akimat reporting.

Reportedly, the woman flew in on October 19 morning from Sharm el-Sheikh without having a PCR test certificate. Immediately from the airport, she was taken to a quarantine hospital in the city, where she underwent the necessary laboratory tests and was diagnosed with COVID-19.

As a rule, all asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus infection are monitored at home by medical professionals.

However, given that the woman is a resident of the region and it is impossible to isolate her promptly for home quarantine, she was transported to an infectious diseases hospital in the capital.

"The patient will be in the hospital until a full examination for about five days. If clinical symptoms begin to appear, she will be prescribed appropriate treatment," says the hospital's infectious disease doctor.

Today, 29 patients with CVI are in the city infectious diseases hospital.

On October 19, seven international flights were accepted (two from the UAE, two from Turkey, one from Belarus, one from Germany, one from Egypt). Of the 769 passengers who arrived, 171 citizens of Kazakhstan did not have certificates of passing the COVID-19 test. All of them were taken to a quarantine hospital.

19:23, 19 October 2020