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Kazakh self-teaching guide offered for use

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At the end of 2020, a self-teaching guide "Start Speaking Kazakh" was published on the communicative author's methodology of the teacher Zainur Rakhmet, correspondent reports.

The author put herself in the shoes of a person trying to speak a second language to understand how to help him with this. In the foreword, Zainur Rakhmet urges not to compare Russian and Kazakh languages, but to master Kazakh, using the grammatical terminology of Russian.

The guide is a workbook consisting of practical exercises for building Kazakh speaking skills. Classes on it provide consistent formation of phonetics, grammar and vocabulary and development of all types of skills: listening speaking (dialogue and monologue), reading and writing.

The textbook is simple. The vocabulary consists of a minimum of the most commonly used verbs, first of all, and, if required, verbs - and other parts of speech used in everyday life. That is, to begin with, we learn the initial form of the verb (otyr, zhatyr, al, ber), and then, we kind of string affixes on it, forming positive and negative forms in the present, past and future tenses. Then, using the nominal parts of speech in the necessary cases and persons, adverbs and auxiliary parts of speech, we form phrases, from which we are already constructing sentences.

To succeed, you need to do all the exercises in the sequence in which they are given, and from the first lesson, start speaking, at least inserting the words you have learned into your speech. The author believes everyone can learn to speak, it just takes time. When mastering a language, you need to concentrate on your achievements and keep moving towards your goal.

Asel Mukanova
17:10, 9 July 2021

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