Kazakh man who ran over a child in South Korea: RK MFA commented on the situation
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan commented on the accident involving Kazakhstani in South Korea, reports.

"The Foreign Ministry is aware of the incident in the Republic of Korea. According to currently known information, a citizen of Kazakhstan actually hit a child and fled the scene, leaving the victim on the road," said the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan, Aybek Smadiyarov.

According to the Ministry, this man is hiding in the territory of a third country.

“We don’t know his whereabouts. He is being searched by law enforcement agencies. If he is detained, the issue will be resolved in the legal field. If new circumstances arise, we will provide additional information,” Smadiyarov concluded.

Earlier it was reported that in the South Korean city of Changwon, a Kazakh man ran over a 7-year-old child and left the country the next day.

The father of the child said that the 20-year-old Kazakhstani left the morning after the accident. The hit boy is in intensive care unconscious with cerebral hemorrhage and multiple skull fractures.

Aidana Demesinova
16:52, 20 September 2019


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