Kazakh Gov’t adopts new resolutions on quarantine

Photo of RK PM’s press service
Prime Minister Askar Mamin chaired an online session of the Inter-departmental Commission (IDC) on coronavirus infection spread prevention, refers to the press service of the head of the RK Government reporting.

Ministers of Health Aleksey Tsoi, Internal Affairs - Yerlan Turgumbayev, Information and Social Development - Aida Balayeva, First Vice Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Kiarbek Uskenbaev, as well as governors of Pavlodar region Abylkair Skakov and Karaganda region - Zhenis Kasymbek took part in the session.

The PM noted low efficiency of the monitoring groups' activities in control over compliance with restrictive measures, insufficient work on compliance with the quarantine regime by citizens and observance of sanitary requirements by business entities, tracing contact persons.

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development was instructed to forbid the airlines to board passengers without certificates of the PCR tests, to speed up the delivery of X-ray machines and mobile medical complexes.

The Health Ministry was instructed to ensure strict control over compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements at checkpoints, to take measures to reduce prices for personal protective equipment within a week, to track contact persons, monitor the facilities' compliance with sanitary requirements using digital technologies.

The regions’ governors were requested to hold special meetings with the leadership of organized teams on compliance with the quarantine regime, take personal control over organization of the work on compliance with the sanitary regime in schools and medical organizations within two days.

Depending on the sanitary and epidemiological situation, the chief sanitary doctors of the regions can make decisions on the introduction of additional restrictive measures.

The IDC adopted a number of resolutions:

I. On schools

- from the second quarter to transfer to the traditional format the work of urban and rural schools with up to 300 students;

- at the parents’ request to allow learning in duty classes from 1 to 5 grades, in international schools - up to the 7th grade.

At the same time, it is imperative to comply with the sanitary and disinfection regime, mask regime, chess seating and social distance.

II. On the work of theaters and mosques

From November 2, to allow:

- the work of theaters with up to 30% occupancy, but no more than 100 people in the audience room (observance of social distance, mask regime, thermometry, enhanced sanitary and disinfection regime);

- collective prayers in mosques (demon namaz), with the exception of jum namaz, but no more than 100 people in the hall (observance of a social distance of 2 m during the prayer, mask regime, thermometry, enhanced sanitary and disinfection regime).

19:33, 26 October 2020