In Nur-Sultan, the first social facilities and houses gasified

Photo by the press service of Nur-Sultan akimat
In Nur-Sultan, the first social facilities and private houses were gasified. In the residential districts Koktal-1 and Zheleznodorozhny, the Sharapat Social Service Center, school No. 29 and a number of private houses were gasified, reports citing the press service of the city akimat.

Technical connection showed the readiness of gas distribution networks to connect private houses and buildings to gas. The procedure for connecting other consumers will continue after the completion of commissioning.

Thus, 96% of gas distribution networks have been laid in Zheleznodorozhny area. Work is underway to prepare CHPP-1/2, in residential areas - to bring the networks directly to houses.

Mayor of the capital Altai Kulginov emphasized that already in the current heating season 8 thousand private sector homes will be gasified.

"Gasification is the historical project of our first President. One of the "five social initiatives" is gasification. Gasification is under control of the Head of State. This year we plan to gasify 8 thousand private houses. Today, on the eve of the Capital’s Day, the first social facilities and houses were gasified," Kulginov said.

For residents of the city, akimat provides gas metering devices for free. Gasification of the industrial sector and housing estates will be held in 3 stages.

Gasification of the capital will reduce harmful emissions into the city by 6 times, solids - 40 thousand tons.
18:34, 4 July 2020


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