Human Rights Commissioner took control of investigation into Kazakh woman’s death in Georgia

The Commissioner for Human Rights in Kazakhstan Elvira Azimova took personal control of the investigation into the death of Asel Aitpayeva in Georgia, reports.

The Human Rights Commissioner is concerned about the inaction of the Kazakh police. According to her, the mother of the deceased girl applied to law enforcement bodies a few days ago, but there was no reaction. In addition, from the first days after the tragedy, the name of Asel Aitpayeva's relative appeared in the case. But it is still unknown what measures were taken against him by the security forces.

"There is a separate agreement between Kazakhstan and Georgia on legal assistance in civil and criminal cases, between the Prosecutor General's Offices, providing for mutual assistance in the investigation of such cross-border crimes. A Kazakh citizen is involved in this offense. There was an accusation of a cross-border crime of human trafficking, "said the Commissioner for Human Rights in Kazakhstan Elvira Azimova.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan still refuses to comment on the situation.

As it was earlier reported, Kazakhstan’s Asel Aytpayeva died under unclear circumstances in Tbilisi on the night of May 5. The girl's body was found under the windows of a high-rise building. Before her death, she sent an audio recording to a close friend, in which a man threatens her with reprisals. The next day he was detained and charged under two articles of the Georgian Criminal Code: "rape" and "driving to suicide."

15:51, 15 May 2021

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