Health Minister: infection sources of 131 patients are unknown

Collage: Tauekelov
The infection sources of 131 Kazakhstan patients with coronavirus are still unknown, correspondent quotes the Health Minister of Kazakhstan, Yelzhan Birtanov, as saying during an online briefing.

“By date, 302 cases have been recorded in different regions of Kazakhstan. A significant part of them contracted the virus outside the country, abroad - 74 of these people. 97 patients were identified from the number of contacts. And 131 cases are the so called local transmission, when people fell ill already in their own cities, in the regions. At the same time, we don’t know the source of infection of those, who were not traveling abroad, and were not in contact with patients,” Birtanov said.

According to him, in such cases a thorough epidemiological investigation is carried out.

“All the sanitary services in the regions, together with the health departments, doctors of the regional health departments, are actively searching. We have approved the appropriate standard of sanitary measures. I want to say that for all 302 patients we have 7,016 contact people, including 1,552, that is 22% of close contacts, this is a high degree of infection, which requires isolation in special quarantines. Potential, close contacts are subject to home quarantine and are subsequently monitored. 90% of all contacts have been found and isolated, while more than 6% left the country, and 3.4% are being looked for. These are the contacts of the patients who were established over the past 24 hours. Active work continues on them,” the minister added.

Aidana Demesinova
20:01, 30 March 2020


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