Family Values Development Institute held first session

Photo: Tauekelov
The Presidential Academy of Public Administration under the RK President hosted the first working session of the Danalyq Family Values Development Institute. correspondents attended the session and got acquainted with how opinion leaders, bloggers, psychologists, experts, journalists, as well as representatives of the business community identify the main problems of the family and ways to solve them.

Entrepreneurs and parents of large families with an active lifestyle, Dulat and Dana Abildin are the founders of the Danalyq Family Values Development Institute.

The project is only a month old, but during this time many people have already joined it, interested in solving the problems of families and society as a whole. According to Dana Abildina, this large project is needed in order to solve the problems that Kazakh families face. “There were several reasons that prompted us to implement this idea. All of them are connected with the facts of suicide in the families of our relatives and friends. In one case, under the pressure of an ex-husband, a woman committed a suicide and two young children remained in the family. In another successful family, the child took her own life. In the third family, the woman simply could not cope with domestic problems. We realized that it was necessary to bring together the people who can help society with their experience, support and participation, "said Dana Abildina.

She noted that special trainings will be held to address family problems at the Institute. For people who come for help, everything is done absolutely free.

It is worth noting that during the first working session of the Institute 11 working groups were organized: disclosing children's talents, health, harmonious relationships, emotional development, masculinity, femininity, a young family, young parents, continuity of generations, marital dialogue and divorced parents.

Representatives of government agencies, business communities, relationship experts, psychologists, journalists, and opinion leaders were discussing family relations issues and then suggested ideas and solutions.

The Danalyq Family Values Development Institute is expected to officially open on November 2, where the final concept of the project will be presented.

Zhanat Tukpiev
18:20, 18 October 2019


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