Extremist literature seized from Rudny resident

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A resident of Rudny is prosecuted for magazines prohibited in Kazakhstan, reports with reference to the press service of Kostanai region’s DP.

"The police seized from 54-year-old resident of Rudny the magazines developed by Farhat Abdullaev (known as Farhat-ata), the head of the Alla-Ayat sect, which is banned in the Republic of Kazakhstan," the statement says.

According to the court review, 15 magazines were recognized as extremist and banned in Kazakhstan. The man was fined 100 MCI.

It should be noted that the Alla Ayat sect, which positions itself as a system of self-healing, was organized by a native of Almaty region Farhat Abdullaev, also known as Farhat-ata, and his wife Nina Kasimova.

It is known that Farhat Abdullaev worked as a driver in Chunje, then all of a sudden declared himself a messenger of extraterrestrial forces and began to conduct "healing" activities.

Farhat Abdullaev and his wife are dead, but his work continues to exist, the number of his followers totals several thousand.

The name of the sect, according to its founders, means something like "Child of the Sun" ("Alla" is a baby, "Ayat" is the energy of the Sun).

Adherents of this occult-mystical movement claim that they "heal" the soul and body through solar energy.

Often people with serious illnesses, falling under the influence of the Farhat-ata followers, refused traditional treatment and died.

It is known that in 2000 in Kostanay, three sectarians’ followers were sent to a psychiatric hospital when they intended to commit self-immolation. Despite the prohibitions, the sect operates both in Kazakhstan and in Russia.

Alla Ayat is recognized as undermining security of the state through harming public health and has been banned in Kazakhstan since 2009.

Zhanat Tukpiev
12:07, 16 September 2019


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