Demand for mental hospital services grown in Kazakhstan

Demand for services of psychiatric hospitals has grown in Kazakhstan, reports with reference to

It is noted that the volume of services in psychiatric hospitals increased by 19 percent over the year. At the same time, for an unknown reason, there is no data in the sector for Nur-Sultan and the densely populated Turkestan region.

"In January-June 2021, mental hospitals of the Republic of Kazakhstan provided services for 19.9 billion tenge, plus 18.5% compared to the same period last year. 96.8% of services in value were paid for from the budget: 19.3 billion tenge, plus 17.7% per year. 585.5 million tenge was provided at the expense of the population and 53.7 million tenge - at the expense of enterprises," the message says.

For comparison: in the same period of 2020, services of psychiatric hospitals amounted to 16.8 billion tenge, 27.2% more than a year earlier.

In the regional context, the largest volume of services fell on Almaty: 3.2 billion tenge, plus 38.3% per year. Next are the East Kazakhstan (2.2 billion tenge, plus 3% per year) and Karaganda (1.9 billion tenge, plus 62.6%) regions.

The largest annual growth in the volume of services was registered in the Zhambyl region (by 86.3% per year in value terms, however, only up to 744 million tenge), the largest decrease was in Shymkent (by 8% per year to 1.3 billion tenge).

Note that for Nur-Sultan and, most importantly, for the vast densely populated Turkestan region, there are no indicators for services in the sector either in the current year or in the previous one. Moreover, in the Turkestan region, there was no data on the services of the relevant medical institutions, only for Shymkent, although there should be psychiatric clinics in the region (in particular, a psychiatric hospital in Turkestan, for example).

19.7 billion tenge in the total volume of services fell on state-owned enterprises, another 271.9 million tenge fell on private companies. Services of large enterprises amounted to 19 billion tenge, medium - 616.2 million tenge, small - 271.9 million tenge.

Ekaterina Eliseyeva
13:34, 20 October 2021

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