Death of Asel Aitpayeva: Kazakhstan will send investigation team to Georgia

Photo: Akhanov
Kazakhstan will send an investigation team to Georgia on the case of Asel Aitpayeva’s death, quotes the MIA RK spokesman, Nurdilda Oraz, as saying at a briefing in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"In the near future, in accordance with an international agreement, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan will send an investigative-operational group to Georgia to study all the circumstances of the incident and exchange pre-trial investigation information with the Georgian side," Oraz said.

He recalled that Nur-Sultan PD launched a pre-trial investigation against citizen Meirbekov.

"The suspect was detained and placed in the temporary detention facility of Nur-Sultan. Investigative actions are being carried out, the pre-trial investigation continues," he said.

Kazakhstani Asel Aytpayeva died under unclear circumstances in Tbilisi on the night of May 5. The girl's body was found under the windows of a high-rise building. Before her death, she sent an audio recording to a close friend, in which the man threatens her with reprisals. The next day he was detained and charged under two articles of the Georgian Criminal Code: "rape" and "driving to suicide."

11:29, 17 May 2021

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