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Constitution Day and Kurban Ait are days off

The holy holiday for Muslims this year falls on September 1.

Many Kazakhstanis are already asking how many days they will rest on Constitution Day - August 30 and Kurban Ait, which this year falls on September 1, reports citing

Thus, the Constitution Day, a state holiday in the Republic of Kazakhstan, falls on Wednesday, therefore, Kazakhstanis will have a day off only one day, without postponement for other days.

August 31 - Thursday will be a working day. And the next Friday, September 1, will be a holiday weekend, as this will be the first day of the Muslim holiday Kurban Ait, which, like another religious holiday, for example, Orthodox Christmas, according to paragraph 5 of Article 84 of the Labor Code, is a day off, regardless of the applied operating modes and shift schedules.

Thus, Kurban Ait falls on Friday - this is one day off, and then 2 more days off on September 2 and 3 (Saturday and Sunday respectively).

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17:28, 17 August 2017