Conditions of entry to Kazakhstan from other countries announced

Photo: Tauekelov
The conditions of entry to Kazakhstan for citizens of other countries within the quarantine were announced at the press conference in the CCS by the chief sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan, Aizhan Yesmagambetova, reports.

Three criteria have been developed, she said.

“The first is: the epidemiological situation (in the country from which the person comes is better than ours. We have a national public health center that monitors the epidemiological situation in Kazakhstan and countries with which we have direct international communication. If in these countries, the epidemiological situation on the incidence of coronavirus infection is monitored not only by one indicator of the incidence, but by many, then passengers who arrived from these countries come to us without any restrictions,” Aizhan Yesmagambetova said.

The second criterion: if the epidemiological situation is characterized at the same level as in our country.

"That is, it corresponds to the level of morbidity or other indicators characterizing the epidemiological situation in our country, then for those entering it is mandatory to have a PCR certificate with negative test result. The certificate must be no more than 5 days old. If there is no certificate, then the data of this passenger is entered into the mobile application, he signs a receipt stating that he undertakes to undergo PCR testing in the country within two days, or he himself is under home quarantine for 14 days," Yesmagambetova continued.

The third criterion includes countries where the epidemiological situation is worse than ours.

"Then air traffic with these countries is prohibited. It all depends on which country the passenger is coming from," she concluded.

14:40, 14 August 2020


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