Call centers launched receiving questions on coronavirus in Nur-Sultan

Photo from the source
Call centers have been launched in the capital at primary health care organizations on coronavirus infection, refers to the press service of the mayor of Nur-Sultan reporting.

Due to the epidemiological situation in Nur-Sultan, the load on all services is growing. The ambulance service receives up to 4 000 calls per day, up to 300 of which are on CVI.

For the residents’ convenience, contact numbers have been formed by which one can contact his clinic with questions about coronavirus infection.

“There are many requests from citizens regarding the work of mobile groups, calling local doctors. Now every link in health care is under great strain. Doctors examine more than 3 000 patients at home every day. We ask citizens to show understanding, and if you have symptoms of an asymptomatic form of the disease, go to filter rooms, call the call center of your clinic,” the city's public health department says.

The current contact phone numbers are listed on the official website of the Public Health Administration.

19:30, 28 July 2021

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