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Believe in your dream: a girl from orphanage became a jockey

Photo © Kalizhan Ospanov /
To make Nastya's dream come true, we went to the racetrack "Kazanat", which has existed for 10 years. August 20-28 there was the first in the history world championship on "Kokpar" game, attended by representatives of the countries of near and far abroad. At this racetrack, the Kazakhstan team won the world title, defeating rivals from Kyrgyzstan with a score of 4: 1. In "Kazanat" there are two tracks - running and race, the length of each is about two kilometers. Employees say that the main task of the racetrack is to develop national games such as "Kokpar", "Baiga" and other kinds of games.  
In order to confidently sit in the saddle, you need only 20 lessons with an experienced instructor.

After a moment's meditation, Nastya chose a horse named Bombardier. The stallion is already 9 years old; it is the Asian champion in the game "Kokpar".  
Head of the training and sports department of the Center for National and Equestrian Sports, Aibek Saparkul said the horses of the Kazakh breed, in principle, are not suitable for racing, they are not as strong as, for example, English or Arabian horses.

Nastya is a pretty brave girl, she rides very well. Today her dream came true - for one day she became a jockey. Since equestrian sport is quite dangerous, Nastya was accompanied by Aibek Saparkul. He explained to the girl that the rider should in no case be afraid of the horse.  

Inga Selezneva
11:27, 8 September 2017