Balayeva met with Presidential youth personnel reserve members

Photo from MISD RK website
Due to the fact that projects and initiatives from government agencies are presented in formal language, ordinary citizens often do not understand the essence of this or that program and what results can be expected after it? said Minister of Information and Social Development Aida Balayeva at a meeting with representatives of the Presidential youth personnel reserve, correspondent reports.

“Our main task, as a ministry, is to provide access to information for the population. Moreover, we are talking about access to understandable, clear and concise information. Now all documents are written only in their original form, in clerical language, and as a result the population does not understand their meaning, and what do you expect from certain initiatives, programs and messages coming from the state apparatus?" Aida Balayeva said.

The ministry, she went on to say, has created a special portal of state programs, which is of an applied nature and is aimed at presenting information about strategic documents in an accessible language. Also, the channel of this portal on Youtube is now being worked out, where questions and answers on state programs will be posted.

"It is very important to establish an active feedback with the population, to hear people and respond to the needs of the society," the Minister emphasized.

Anastasia Prilepskaya
14:45, 15 August 2020