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Astana got 43 twin-cities within 18 years

Astana has most friends in Europe and Asia.
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Over 18 years Astana as Kazakhstan's capital has got more than forty twin-towns, reports citing "Khabar" TV channel.

Gdansk became the first twin-town of Astana in 1996.

Head of the International Cooperation department of Astana mayor apparatus Mirzhan Baimakhanov noted that to date the Kazakh capital has 43 twin-towns (26 of them are capitals of states) in 29 countries of the world. Among them are Oulu, Nice, France, and Putrajaya.

It is worth noting that cooperation between Oulu and Astana resulted in the project "Smart Astana". But the most active cooperation is in education, economics and medicine areas.

According to the city administration, Yerevan, Athens and Sofia will be soon among the twin cities of Astana.
16:27, 7 July 2016

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