Annually about 100 people awaiting organ transplants die before surgery

Photo: Talgat Akhanov
There are 3,128 people in Kazakhstan on the waiting list for organ transplant. About 100 people annually drop out of the list unable to make it to the surgery, correspondent quotes Adil Zhumagaliyev, acting director of the Republican Center for Coordination of Transplantation and High-Tech Medical Services, as saying at the roundtable meeting in Nur-Sultan.

In addition, Zhumagaliyev noted that donor organs are not exported from Kazakhstan and are not transplanted to foreigners.

“Organ distribution is carried out through an information system based on medical criteria, regardless of the patient’s well-being or social status. One day or a year is not enough for the successful development of organ donation. Executive bodies, public organizations and the media must pool efforts to develop this work,” concluded Zhumagaliev.

Zhanat Tukpiev
17:46, 22 November 2019


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