Almaty tram depot suspends its work

This decision was taken by the special commission.
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Starting from October 31 the tram depot LLP "Almatyelectrotrans" suspends its work, reports with reference to the press service of Almaty administration.

It is reported that the company's specialists and laboratories of MSE "Metropolitan" examined the tram tracks for their compliance with the requirements of safe operation and found numerous violations.

"Thus, the tram tracks are in poor condition and in need of repair. In addition, due to the state of tramways, there is a high wear of wheel pairs of cars. In 2014, 20 cases of cars’ derailment were recorded, within 9.5 months in 2015 - 43 derailments. These facts have been revealed in the course of due diligence, which for some reason were not voiced by the leadership of the tram depot ", - stated in the press release.

During the period of suspension of trams, bus routes №20 and №112 will be changed.

It should be noted that the decision was made about social responsibility for employees of the depot. Thus, the entire staff will be employed and, if necessary, will take career-oriented training.

Recall that in Almaty in September and October, there were two accidents involving trams.

12:54, 30 October 2015

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