Almaty should become a full-fledged metro-region for 5 million people – Sagintayev

Photo by the press service of Almaty city administration
Almaty should become a full-fledged metro-region for 5 million people. This opinion was expressed by Almaty mayor B. Sagintayev at the Kazakhstan Growth Forum 2019, presenting a vision of the future of the southern capital until 2025, reports with reference to the press service of the city administration.

According to Sagintayev, Almaty is not just the main gate of the country. The southern capital is the driver of global integration of the entire Central Asian region, and in the future, the business and cultural capital of the New Silk Road. Therefore, Almaty has every opportunity to become the largest trade and logistics hub, a communications hub in the very center of the New Silk Road.

In order to compete successfully, Almaty must focus on the highest standards of leading cities, meet modern challenges and solve ambitious tasks.

“Like any modern metropolis, Almaty should be comfortable for life, promising for business, convenient in the context of communications," B. Sagintayev emphasized.

Over the past year, the city’s GRP physical volume index grew by only 2.8%, which is less than the population growth rate (2.9%). The fundamental task is to eliminate the imbalance in the structure of employment, with an increase in the shares of the social economy - education, healthcare, professional and scientific-technical activities, and information technologies.

He also outlined the promising "growth points" of the urban economy: logistics, construction, finance and insurance, smart industry, fashion industry, art, leisure and entertainment, tourism industry, real estate operations.

According to the mayor, Almaty should have the best Central Asian system of support for entrepreneurs, specialists in technology, healthcare, international business management, education, management of natural ecosystems and so on.

It is necessary to solve a complex of issues related to improving the quality of life of Almaty residents - ecology and public safety, availability and quality of education, health care, social services; large-scale housing construction; modernization of the basic infrastructure of the city; improvement and gardening.

He noted that in the social plan “two Almaty” are being formed - a prosperous and comfortable central part and lagging undeveloped outskirts.

"My position is as follows: to ensure high standards of life for Almaty residents in all areas of the metropolis, regardless of where they live. I am a supporter of the idea "City without outskirts". Modern cities are polycentric; each district has its own attractiveness and growth drivers. In mega-cities, the reverse process is taking place, when people move to the suburbs, because living standards are higher there," B. Sagintayev said.

He added that the new policy for development of the metropolis on the principle "City without outskirts" has already started.

18:33, 19 September 2019


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