Almaty assailant implicated in another 4 attacks - Almaty DIA

In prison 14 penalties were imposed on Kulekbaev for disobedience and violation of established regime.
Ruslan Kulekbaev arrested after the shooting in Almaty is involved in a series of audacious robberies and assaults with use of firearms, reports citing the Almaty Interior Department.

According to the police, in July 2010, in Shymkent he was stalking a jewelry seller as far as her home, beat her in the stairwell and seized the bag with 115 000 tenge and a cell phone in it. He got a suspended prison sentence then.

Later, in 2012, Kyzylorda police seized from Kulekbaev an illegally stored gun with ammunition and silencer. After it he got a real prison sentence, three years and six months.

Currently, within the pre-trial investigation, his involvement in another four armed assaults and two robberies is being checked.

In most cases Kulekbaev attacked women and lone passers-by, tracking down his victims at the markets and shops. Once he knocked an elderly woman to the ground, seizing a package of groceries and more than 100 000 tenge from her; in another case he robbed a woman of 500 000 tenge, the investigation says.

Both his wives (married twice) say he was prone to violence, had no permanent job, but did some odd jobs.

Besides, on July 18, at around 3.30 in the morning he committed an armed assault on a car driver, and a few minutes later murdered a young woman.

Jania Urankaeva
18:02, 21 July 2016

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