All 77 elected rural akims took office in EKR

In East Kazakhstan region, 77 rural akims elected by the people have taken up their duties, reports.

Of the 232 candidates included in the ballots, 77 rural akims were elected in East Kazakhstan. There were no grounds for recognizing the elections as invalid or for holding repeat elections.

Representatives of five parties and self-nominated candidates won the elections. The youngest of the akims, Darkhan Toleukhanov, is 29 years old, Ayyrtau rural constituency of Ulan district. The oldest, Sovetkan Kaliyev, is 61 years old. He became akim of the Makanchi rural constituency of Urdzhar district. 8 out of 77 akims are women.

By education, the rural akims include 23 teachers, 16 lawyers, 15 agricultural workers, 9 economists, 8 engineers and 6 of other fields.

10:47, 30 July 2021

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