Admission to full-time work restricted to unvaccinated capital’s residents

On August 2, new quarantine restrictions took effect in the capital. For unvaccinated employees, access to full-time work is limited, refers to the Internal Policy directorate informing.

According to the resolution of the chief state sanitary officer of the city, in a number of organizations and facilities, access to full-time work is restricted for employees who have not received a vaccine against COVID-19 (with the exception of persons with constant medical contraindications and who have had CVI within the last 3 months).

These are: facilities for the provision of services to the population, government agencies and organizations, production facilities, construction facilities, wholesale and retail trade, culture and recreation facilities, hotels, airports, train stations, educational and training organizations, health care organizations, sanatoriums, pharmacies etc.

In addition, employers must transfer 80% of the staff of state bodies, offices, national companies and other organizations to remote work. Exceptions are only for those vaccinated and recovered within the last 3 months.

According to the resolution of the chief state sanitary officer, by August 10, 2021, workers should be immunized with the first component, and by September 1, 2021 - with the second component of the COVID-19 vaccine (with the exception of persons who have permanent medical contraindications and have had COVID-19 within the last 3 months).

The resolution on toughening restrictive and quarantine measures in Nur-Sultan was adopted to prevent the emergence and spread of coronavirus infection in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

15:25, 2 August 2021

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