66 lanterns stolen from Triathlon Park in Nur-Sultan

66 lanterns were removed from the Triathlon Park alley in the capital, refers to the press service of the city police department reporting.

“It was established that within two months, two drivers and an operator of the LLP, engaged in the maintenance of street and park lighting, had stolen 66 lanterns in the Triathlon Park.

"At night, workers kept driving into the park territory and, climbing on two-meter supports, unscrewed the bolts and stole the lamps. When checking the technical condition of the park's lanterns, it was found that the lamps from the metal supports were missing, "the DP said.

As noted, the amount of damage caused to the state was about 8 million tenge.

"The investigators’ suspicion was aroused after they noticed that a service car regularly stopped at night in the park area, after which the route of the car was established. On suspicion of theft, police detained three employees of the LLP aged 32, 49 and 50," the police said.

On this fact, a criminal case was initiated under the article "Theft".  In the framework of the criminal case, material evidence was partially confiscated from the buyer.

13:01, 19 April 2021