55 tons of drugs delivered to Kazakhstan from Moscow

Photo by the press service of RK Health Ministry
Two civil aviation aircraft arrived at Almaty Airport, delivering 55 tons of most popular medical products from Moscow for treating coronavirus infection and pneumonia, including antiviral and antipyretic drugs, anticoagulants and antibiotics. This was reported in the press service of the Health Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, reports.

Thus, in the coming days, about 150 thousand tablets of azithromycin, about a million bottles of ceftriaxone, 150 thousand packs of Tamiflu, 50 thousand packs of arbidol and others will be delivered to the country's retail pharmacies network.

"This amount is enough to cover the monthly demand for medicines. The medicines will be evenly distributed and promptly delivered to the regions in the coming days," the Health Ministry assured.

Next week the same board for transporting drugs will deliver cargo from India, the press service added.
17:54, 10 July 2020


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